I-80 Reopen Between York & Aurora

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Traffic is flowing again between Aurora and York.

It was shut down early Wednesday morning because of dangerous conditions and people out in the thick of it say it was the ice and wind that made things so dangerous.

The shutdown caused quite an increase at the Love's Travel Stop at the aurora exit. It was jam packed with semi trucks.

"We had to try to get people moved around, it's kind of a pain sometimes," said Robert Mobley an employee at Love's Travel Stop.

With everyone working together they got the job done. For about eight hours semi trucks and other vehicles had no where to go because I-80 was snow and ice packed.

"The roads were very slick and you really had to go slow, and depending on what kind of field you were seeing on the side of the road made a difference. Soy bean fields in particularly there were more ice on the roads," said Aurora Resident Jayne Mann.

Mann braved the conditions to attend a meeting, but she says travel was slow going.

"As you drove into town on highway 14 a lot of semi traffic was diverted onto highway 34 there and you could certainly see a difference in the traffic flow," said Mann.

She says it was the wind and ice that was the problem, and employees at the Love's truck stop agree.
They say when the interstate shuts down everyone has to work together.

"For the most part my customers cooperate with me we get things moved around and cleared out and now we're just doing the clean up," said Mobley.

Nebraska Department of Roads is urging people to check the road conditions before traveling.

Also don't use your cruise control and remember to slow down this time of year!