IRS Opens for Tax Business Friday | Why Your Return Could Be Rejected

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The Internal Revenue Service will officially open for business Friday when it comes to your taxes.

Tax preparers are getting busy, and turns out the IRS will be paying extra close attention to some credits this season on your return.

At H&R Block, Laura Harris says she has already seen a lot of clients ready to file their taxes.

"It's really picked up a lot over the last few days. They're all getting their W-2's and their other forms," said Harris.

While some people have already filed others have not.

"I got a little bit of book work to do and then I'm ready to go," said tax payer Connie Malone.

Tax preparers say the IRS may take a little longer to process your information.

"While some people may expect to hear back right away, that their return has been accepted or rejected it could take a couple of days for all of that information to filter through," said Harris.

This season Harris says the IRS will be paying close attention to a credit some people may claim, but don't qualify for.

"Sometimes the IRS will take the returns that have the earned income credit and they'll examine those a little closer just to make sure those people applying for it are entitled to get it," said Harris.

Sometimes your tax filing can be rejected by the IRS for simple reasons.

"Some of the most common things we see are incorrect social security numbers, maybe an incorrect date of birth misspelling of a child's name, also sometimes the children have been claimed by someone else," said Harris.

As for Malone, she says she isn't going to wait long to file and get some money back.

"I don't know what it'll be usually I get some back though," said Malone.

The IRS says most tax payers will see their refund within about 21 days.