Icy Conditions Send Some Slipping and Sliding to the ER

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Whether you're in Lincoln, Grand Island or somewhere in between, there's a chance the road you live on remains covered with packed snow and ice.

With those conditions, a trip to the mailbox could send you to the hospital.

"We see a lot of people falling, slipping on the ice," Emergency Room Dr. Cindy Gubbels said. "Slipping while they're snow blowing or shoveling."

While many people worry about driving conditions, one step out the door can turn into more bumps and bruises.

"Minor sprains, sprained ankles, knees, leg fractures, hip fractures," Lincoln Fire and Rescue Battalion Chief Tim Linke said. "If someone has a serious fall we can have up to severe traumatic brain injury and sometimes it can kill you."

It happens every year, every snowfall.

"Expect to fall," Linke said. "Expect that even on what looks like a small clear patch in front of you, it could still have some ice or snow underneath that's slick as well."