Icy Roads Remain Dangerous Weeks after Blizzard

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It's the hidden danger that many drivers fear this time of year: black ice.

And, weeks after the blizzard, it may seem like a concern for the past, but if you're not careful it can still send you slipping and sliding or worse.

One group traveling through Nebraska learned that the hard way.

"We thought we were fine. We didn't think we'd hit black ice," Tommy Argubright of Oglesby, Illinois said.

It happens easier than many drivers would suspect.

"She hit black ice and eventually lost control," Argubright said. "All I remember is waking up upside down rolling through the ditch."

With seemingly snow-less streets, drivers may be back to hitting the gas pedal. But, while the pavement looks dry, the danger hasn't melted away.

"Water starts to run all over the place. While as soon as the sun goes down, you will see that refreeze," 10/11 Meteorologist Rusty Dawkins said. "You will see that pool of water turn into an ice skating rink. It's getting really slippery, really fast."

The ongoing pattern of sunshine to below freezing temperatures means that drivers eyes should be on the road at all times.

"Typically after dark and then very early in the morning you'll see slippery spots from the refreezing," Dawkins said.