Inspectors Urge Caution After Cigarette Fire Trend

Three fires in four days caused by cigarettes prompt Fire Inspectors to ask for help in preventing fires caused by smoking.

Smoking related fires are the second leading cause of fires in Lincoln. In 2013 there were 52 smoking related fires and 55 in 2012. So far in 2014 there have already been three smoking related fires that caused more than $100,000 in damage.

Inspectors say a fire Jan. 2 at 2320 Seward was caused by smoking material. Sharon Buss was critically injured in that blaze.

Ronald Williams was cited for negligent smoking that caused a fire at a mobile home at 1101 Cambridge Court on Jan. 5.

Inspectors say a cigarette left on a mattress in the EconoLodge caused more than $30,000 Jan. 6.

They say it's easy to prevent these fires. Smokers can go outside and make sure to properly dispose of the cigarette.

Inspectors also encourage using deep ash trays and making sure a fire is completely out.

Also remember not to smoke where there is oxygen in use and don't smoke while on drugs that can make you drowsy. And never throw cigarettes away with flammable materials.