Instructors Question Gun Safety After Accidental Shooting

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- With Lincoln Police Department investigating two accidental shootings in less than a week, some gun instructors are worried too many people are handling guns without the right education. Tragedies and injuries that some say didn't need to happen.

"Guns and alcohol don't mix," said Conceal Carry Instructor, Roger Terrell. "You don't put your finger on the trigger of the gun until you plan on pulling the trigger."

But with two recent accidental shootings, Terrell said it's not always in the hands of the person with the gun. People around them also have to be on the lookout.

"If I see somebody with a gun, I want to make sure it's unloaded," Terrell said. "You want me to look at your gun? The first thing I'm going to do is check it."

For people over at Big Shots Indoor Shooting Range, there's one rule that trumps the rest.

"Keeping that muzzle pointed in a safe direction is right at the top of that list," said Big Shots Owner, James Clark.

Clark said he makes sure all shooters know what they're doing before they start shooting.

"We have them watch a safety video that goes over all those steps to make sure that they understand that it can be inherently dangerous to handle firearms if you're not safe," said Clark.

And safety measures don't stop there.

"We always have a safety officer that supervises the shooting activity so nobody has a lapse in judgment, and we try and keep as much control of that as we can," Clark said.

While accidents are going to happen, Clark said he thinks they can easily be prevented.

"To accidentally take the life of someone through a silly accident just enhances the tragedy."