Island Oasis Needs Facelift Without Grant Money

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GRAND ISLAND, Neb. -- It's been 21 years since Island Oasis Water Park opened and some parts are showing signs of wear.

After applying for state grants and being denied, Island Oasis is now looking for new ways to fund their makeover.

"The state would like some of our maintenance things taken care of with our grant with some of the woodwork and that type of thing, I think it was important from their standpoint that we can address some of those things and maybe apply for some grants in the future," said Todd McCoy, the Parks and Recreation Director.

Unfortunately, the maintenance McCoy is talking about requires money. In addition to the woodwork, other areas of the park need an update.

"We're hoping to get some new paint on the pool floor, the slides are kind of showing their wear. There's nothing wrong with them, we just want to make them brighter and more flashy," Jeremy Bachman, the Recreation Superintendent said.

With surrounding cities having their own water parks, Island Oasis says they need more than the wave pool to keep families from all over Nebraska coming back.

"What we really want to do is get a new children's play area in here. That's something we've been lacking for a while, a lot of the new water parks that opened up have those. So we want more for the toddler age," said Bachman.

Despite not getting the grant, park officials are still going to push for a play area designated for younger children.

"In 2016, we would like to budget for the children's play area expansion. It's all dependent on approvals and funding availability of course," said McCoy.

These pools are going to be filled with water May 18 and 19 and on May 24, Island Oasis will be open for the swimming season