Job Market Growing for College Graduates

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Steven Craig is graduating this year and his work experience has already landed him a full time job in his area of study.

"Found the right fit for a job and everything worked out from there. The experiences that I've had made the transition to Talent Plus much easier," said Craig.

Steven relied on real world experience to get his foot in the door, while 2013 graduate Marilyn Buresh says an internship at Talent Plus was the key to her success getting a job right out of college.

"The connections you form, relationships with the people you work with and they're your cheerleaders behind the scenes trying to help find a spot for you in the company," said Buresh.

For employers, having a talent pool of college students right here in the capital helps them find potential new employees while they're still in school.

"We can get someone in here in an internship opportunity, so we can know what their talents and strengths are so we can hire them after graduation," said Kyle Bruss with Talent Plus.

With Lincoln's unemployment rate at less than half of the national rate, these soon to be graduates have a bright outlook for finding a job that could be right here in Lincoln.

"The job market right now has actually come around quite a bit, the state has the third lowest unemployment rate in the nation, so students who are looking to stay here, there are a lot of jobs for them," said Bill Watts with the University of Nebraska.