Jury Selected in Cold Case Murder Trial

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The trial of the suspect in a 23-year-old cold case began Monday morning. John Oldson is accused of murdering Catherine Beard in Ord in 1989.

The prosecution and the defense spent the entire day in jury selection. In the end, they chose four men and eight women for the jury, as well as one man and one woman as the alternates.

The defense had motioned to move the trial from Valley County where the alleged crime occurred because of the pre-trial publicity and questionnaire answers from potential jurors.

But despite the move to Howard County, there were still individuals in the jury pool who knew family and friends of either the victim or the defendant, as well as those who said they had already formed opinions about the case.

Judge Karin Noakes asked jurors to set aside what they've read or heard about the case and make their judgments based only on the evidence they hear in court.

The trial is expected to last about two weeks, and both sides have said that this will be a case largely based on circumstantial and testimonial evidence.