K2 Bill Will Soon Be Debated In Legislature

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Lincoln, NEB. It's the illegal drug that anybody can buy. K2 is sold as potpourri in stores. But when used as a drug, it can have deadly effects. And the Nebraska Legislature is continually trying to catch up.

It's an issue the Legislature has struggled to tackle for years. This year another bill takes it on and Senators said all they can do is keep up with the dangerous drug.

The problem is, the synthetic marijuana product has an ever-changing chemical make-up.

Senator Ken Schilz brought the bill this year. He said keeping up with manufacturers is the best way to legislate, but the drug keeps getting more dangerous.

"What we've seen is these drugs continue to be more and more dangerous as these newer generations of these drugs are coming out," he said.

Senator Beau McCoy brought previous bills on K2. He said he hopes that federal authorities will work to ban the law, but until then he says the Nebraska Legislature will continue to do their best, even if it means bringing a law each year.

The legislature adjourned today before getting to the bill, but Senator Schilz said it may come up next week.