K2 Issue For People's City Mission This Winter

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Usually the People's City Mission doesn't allow those on drugs or alcohol into the shelter. But when subzero temperatures come around - Pastor Tom said they won't turn anybody away.

"Where we sleep, it used to be that you could walk around, but now they have people sleeping in there you can't even get up and walk around," said David Clark, who stays there.

Cots are set up in the day room at the Mission Men's shelter to help house the extra 65 men they give a place to sleep during sub-zero temperatures.

Right now, they are housing 225 men. They have more than 300 people in all their facilities.

And with more people, and a rule against turning anyone away into the cold come more problems.

"We have guys smoking K2 in the bathroom, we're trying to stop them," said Pastor Tom.

"They've got a good place to stay and they're jeopardizing it by doing things they shouldn't do," said Clark.

Pastor Tom says K2 is a new issue for the Mission.

"K2 wasn't big before and now it seems to be growing," said Pastor Tom.

He said he makes sure that even though consequences can't be immediate - drug users don't stick around the Mission long.

"We delay the suspension to where we know that they're not going to parish out on the streets," he said.

And Pastor Tom said the effects of that drug use have a butterfly effect.

"It creates a lot of tenseness for our staff and our guests," he said.

"I don't feel it's right. It puts a damper on everybody else there," said Clark.

Pastor Tom said he has a list of about 20 people who will suspended from the Mission come warmer weather.

K2 has been a concern in Nebraska since 2011 when the legislature banned a form of the drug.

It remains to be seen if the legislature, which begins on Wednesday, will tackle this issue again.