KOLN/KGIN-TV Honored for Election Coverage

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Nebraska Secretary of State John Gale honored KOLN/KGIN-TV with a Civics Recognition Award for our coverage of the 2012 election.

"One of my duties is to not only manage and supervise elections in the state but also to promote voter education and voter turnout," said Gale. "We can't accomplish that simply as state government, we need a partnership, and media is so critically important to that partnership."

"The campaigns and candidates are important and valuable but people look to their news sources as reliable and trustworthy and are much more willing to seek to understand and educate themselves if the news media is making the right information available to them."

"Channel 10/11 has done an outstanding job with that, particularly in this last election cycle, for the presidential election in 2012. Your coverage was very complete and comprehensive, not only your live broadcasting, but your online sources. You posted a lot of great information online that was very valuable of course to the younger generations who find that as one of their primary news sources. Not only did you have very broad and extensive coverage, both online and in broadcasts, but you also did some very deliberate work."

"We think you just had an incredibly successful year doing what is so important to us and that is helping to educate voters and getting them knowledgeable so they can turn out and vote."

"This is a token of thanks from us on behalf of the citizens of Nebraska to educate not only locally but you do such a great job of reaching out to central and western Nebraska."

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