Keadle Sentenced to 15-20 Years in Prison

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Joshua Keadle has been sentenced to 15-20 years for first degree sexual assault of a minor.

Keadle was found guilty of the rape involving 15-year-old girl at the dormitory of what was then Midland Lutheran College in December 2008. The prosecution said Keadle's friend brought the girl to the party and had sex with her after a night of drinking. The victim, now 18, testified that she had been asleep in the dormitory and woke up to find Keadle having sex with her.

In court Tuesday afternoon Keadle said, "Sorry doesn't begin to describe how I feel. I took advantage of the victim. I'm sorry, and ready to take responsibility."

When the judge asked him what he's learned, Keadle responded, "I should never have went into the bedroom.... that was wrong."

Before the judge read Keadle's sentence he told him, "I'm bothered by your continued lack of respect for women."

The judge went on to say, Keadle was a "user of women."

The judge also said the then 15-year-old shouldn't have been in a college dorm room, and drinking and she made some poor decisions. But she "did not deserve to be sexually assaulted."

He also added Keadle should have known better.

Keadle filed a motion for a new trial, but his lawyer withdrew that motion Tuesday.

The state asked for a maximum sentence of 50 years, but the judge said his crime was not violent and didn't warrant the maximum sentence. Instead Keadle was sentenced to no less than 15 years and no more than 20. He was also given credit for 308 days time served.

Attorney General Jon Bruning released a statement following the sentencing.

“Mr. Keadle raped a young girl while she slept,” said Bruning. “The seriousness of the crime merited a serious penalty. Today’s sentencing ensures Mr. Keadle is behind bars where he belongs.”

Family members of missing Ty Thomas were at the sentencing. Keadle was a person of interest in her disappearance, but there have been no charges in that case.

After Keadle's sentencing Thomas' aunt Hope Semans said, "I don't think it was fair what they gave him today, I think it should have been longer, but in the end he'll get his time."

Semans also said the sentence wasn't justice for the family because Thomas is still missing and this doesn't provide any closure.

The judge also told Keadle he will have to register as a sex offender when he is eventually released from prison.