Keeping an Eye on the Sky During the County Fair

The Lancaster County Super Fair is up and running.

If you go, you'll probably see guys in golf carts and green jackets offering rides to those in need.

Those guys are members of the Lincoln Amateur Radio Club.

"We cycle around, and they wave at us, and off we go -- like a New York taxi cab," said Reynolds Davis, a radio operator.

Along with providing rides for fair attendees, the Lincoln Radio Club also watches the weather.

Members of the club are trained storm spotters -- many involved in the Nebraska Emergency Management Agency, and they know exactly what to do if severe weather hits.

"Vendors shut down, the rides shuts down and we get everyone inside the buildings," said Julie Burton, Assistant Managing Director of the fair.

This is something organizers have already been through this year.

On Thursday, Aug. 1 (opening night of the fair), attendees were rushed indoors, after a storm hit Lincoln.

"On Thursday night, they said it's going to hit in a half hour, and they were right on it. They gave us time to shut things down on the stage, let other vendors know, and get umbrellas down."