Keeping Kids' Minds Engaged During Spring Break

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If you have a student in Lincoln Public Schools, you're likely faced with the challenge of keeping them busy during this week's Spring Break.

A group of students is using the opportunity to have some fun while still learning a thing or two.

It's Spring Break Camp at the Lincoln Children's Museum and beyond popular belief, just because school is out of session for the week, doesn't mean the learning stops.

Darren Macfee, Executive Director of the Museum, says, "Keeping the kids active and busy, keeping their minds engaged and also having camp content that actually focuses on science."

This week's theme is "Super Heroes." Today's lesson: How to make spiderman's web.

But it's not just fun and games. There's a hidden lesson in each activity.

"Kids are really learning about technical things and things like Spiderman. Does he really have poison like actual spiders? Can he really crawl up walls? A lot of really great activities that are science-based to keep the kids' minds engaged," says Macfee.

Lesson or not, many of the 35 kids agree this lesson and this camp is more fun than they're typical classroom.

Ten-year-old Tanner Green says, "We get to play more and they're more activities to do instead of at school doing tests."

Six-year-old Noah Kohl says, "We get to do fun stuff and at school we don't get to do fun stuff, we just do lots and lots of work."

Spring break camp continues here at the Lincoln Children's Museum through Friday.