Custody Bill Heard In Judiciary Committee

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It's the return of parental rights to the legislature. A bill from Senator Russ Karpisek brings up a topic that legislators have struggled with for years.

It follows Senator Karpisek's 50/50 custody bill from last year.

But he says this bill is just a hold bill- while people on both sides of last year's bill work on creating a passable bill.

Much of the object to LB1000 in the hearing today stemmed from concerns that this bill just doesn't do enough- or the right things.

But most agreed it's time to do something.

Because the amendment to the bill which would more clearly define it's aim isn't complete- many of the details to this proposal are still unknown.

Those involved in writing it say the bill will work to give kids the most time with both parents and figure out how child support will work with that.

Kids Have Rights Too was hard at work last year to push for a bill that would give 50/50 parenting rights to fit parents in child custody cases.

The bill made it to judicial committee last year but that's as far as it went. Members of the group were at the Capitol today talking to senators in hopes that it might be introduced again.

For one mom, who lost custody while serving active duty, it's a necessary change.

"I think if both parents want to be involved and want to be active parts of their children's life and be healthy parts of their children's life they both need to be involved. It's not just the mother and it's not just the father. It needs to be both of them," said non-custodial parent Devin Groesser.

A couple of the senators who listened to representatives from Kids Have Rights didn't feel comfortable discussing the bill. One said it's still too fluid of a topic for him to talk about.