Kids More Than Half Of Calls To Poison Control Related To E-Cigarettes

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Lincoln, NEB. New information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show a more than 200 percent increase in calls to poison control related to e-cigarettes. And more than half of those related to young kids under the age of 5.

"Nicotine can be dangerous in high dosages. If you start noticing nausea headaches and things like that, you definitely need to back off," said GNS Vapor owner Aaron Guenter. "Nicotine was always intended for adults. So just the sheer nature of it, it's not intended for children. It should be kept up away from children," he said.

But when it's not, the result could be a call to poison control. The CDC report those calls are rapidly increasing. The report said the most common symptoms in the nearly 200 calls a month were nausea, vomiting and eye irritation. And how does the report say that happened? Mostly through inhalation, eye exposure and skin contact. A follow-up report from the American Academy of Pediatrics said the poisoning is usually from young kids eating the liquid.

Stacey Arrecis owns E-Vaped in Lincoln. She brings her kids into the store all the time. She said she does worry about her kids health around the e-cig liquid.

"We tell the kids to stay away from it. It's an adult product. Just like cleaners. There's a lot of things adults have to do to keep their kids protected," she said.

She adds the bottles have child proof caps and say keep out of reach of kids- just to be sure.

Both shop owners say e-cigs are a much healthier alternative to smoking, but health professionals still do not know the long-term effects.

You're encouraged to do your own research before making a decision to smoke e-cigarettes.