Autism Bill Hearing Takes Emotional Turn

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In a push for Nebraska to join 32 other states in requiring insurance companies to cover Autism related medical bills, Lincoln Senator Colby Coach addressed the Legislature's Banking, Commerce, and Insurance Committee.

"This is life-changing legislation for the families who need it," said Coash, who introduced his Legislative Bill 505 last month.

Eleven different people testified in support of the bill. Many of them were parents of autistic children.

"You will never know the stress it brings to families. We should not have to live like this," said Colleen Jankovich who is the mother of an autistic son.

"Don't let our children fall through the cracks. You have no idea how important this is to these families," said Sandra Lundeen who is the grandmother of an autistic child.

No individuals or agencies testified in opposition to the bill. The Nebraska Department of Insurance submitted a letter to the committee in a neutral capacity.