LES Expanding to South Lincoln

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Lincoln Electric System is planning to build a $25 million service center in South Lincoln.

The location for the 80,000 square foot facility isn't determined yet, but LES Communications Manager Kelley Porter says it won't be too long before that changes.

"We're identifying the criteria needed for a future service center and potential administrative building," said Porter. "And we hope to purchase land yet this year."

The Walter A. Canney Service Center on 27th and Fairfield is currently the only one in Lincoln. Porter says because of the growth of the city, a second service center is needed.

"We're looking at improving drive times for our crews going to outages as well as work sites," said Porter. "So we want to make sure that we have two service areas to fully serve our customers and respond to outages as needed."

Once built, LES would transfer many of the existing staff at the WAC Service Center to the new location and transfer almost all of the downtown activities to either that location or to the WAC Service Center.

After that LES would identify the placement of a location in the downtown area that would accept customer payments and provide short-term office space for LES personnel that would have business in the area.

Porter says there will always be a downtown presence but that it might not be in the building on 11th and O Street.