Update: Cigarette to Blame for Fire that Destroyed Home

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Lincoln Fire Inspector Donald Gross said a carelessly discarded cigarette is the cause of a fire that killed two dogs and destroyed a home at 5921 Rolling Hills Blvd on Monday. Gross said the cigarette was tossed out on the back deck. The damage to the house is estimated at $267,000 plus another $150,000 for the contents inside.

Just before 1 p.m. crews were called to the home on reports of smoke and flames.

Assistant Fire Chief Pat Borer told 10/11 News that the fire was so hot and it spread so quickly, that LFR crews were unable to get inside to the house to fight the fire.

10/11 spoke with the man who saved the homeowner's life. Curtis Embree says he was working in the area when he saw thick, black smoke.

He says he saw the home on a fire and a woman who was panicking in the front yard. He says the woman was afraid because someone was still inside the house.

Embree says he opened the front door and was met by large flames. He saw the homeowner near the door and helped her out of the house. Embree reported flames on every wall surrounding the woman.

According to Embree, the woman was looking for her dogs, which were trapped on the second floor. Embree says he could hear the animals but the flames were too thick to go back into the house to save them. The dogs did not survive.

The homeowner, Nancy Brown said she felt lucky to be alive and was thankful for the man who helped her.