LIBA Hosts Lincoln Legislative Candidate Forum

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- The general election is still months away, but the candidates are wasting little time getting their messages out. Also in the next legislative session there will be 17 brand new senators and with major issues on the table many of you are keeping an eye on who to vote for.

In Lincoln alone there's three open spots and these candidates are all new to the system.

The Lincoln Independent Business Association hosted a forum today to ask them some issues affecting your pocketbook. Some of the big issues the candidates discussed were prison reform and business tax incentives.

"I must say the quality of life is fantastic here however you have to pay for that," said Dr. Michael Patestas.

Patestas was one of the hundreds of LIBA members listening to the candidates. He owns a chiropractic office and wants to see lower taxes.

One major issue the candidates weighed in on was should there be more business tax incentives.

"Do I support improving a tax climate so that regular Nebraskans like that painter have a greater opportunity, I certainly do," said candidate Dallas Jones for district 28.

"Those incentives are expenditures, those are tax expenditures, we need to find out if they are right," said candidate Patty Pansing Brooks for district 28.

Another hot topic currently being discussed in the legislature is what to do with the good time law and prison reform.

"We need to look at why are we locking people up and what is their crime and looking at if they a true danger to our community or are they a danger to themselves," said candidate James Michael Bowers for district 46.

"I think that our goal is to make sure that the public is safe, that should be the end goal, and how to do that we need to make sure that the prisoners that are leaving the system are equipped with the skills necessary to be successful so they don't recidivate when they return into our society," said candidate Adam Morfeld.

One of the candidates, Matt Hansen was not at the forum because of a scheduling conflict, due to fairness we did not air his competitor Brent Smoyer's comments on these issues.