Update: LPD Arrest Two Men After Tattoo Shop Burglary

Two men are facing charges after Lincoln Police say they burglarized a local tattoo shop.

Officers responded to Iron Brush Tattoo at 226 South 16th Street shortly after 11 Monday morning.

According to police, just as an employee pulled up to the business, he saw two men leaving. He told police the men asked if the shop was open. He told them it was not, so the men walked away.

After the employee went inside, he talked with another employee, who had been in the basement of the store. Police say that man inadvertently left the front door unlocked when he arrived that morning. That's when police say the men noticed some cash missing from the register.

According to LPD, the employee, who had been in the basement, jumped on his bike to find the suspects. They say he confronted 38-year-old Robert Howard and 39-year-old Jason Lassen at the nearby Handy Shop. He was able to recover the stolen cash.

Howard was taken to Lancaster County Jail for burglary, while Lassen was cited and released to medical care personnel. Police say it was because of his intoxication level.