LPD Looking for Criminals Who Shoplifted, Assaulted Clerk

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A convenience store clerk got more than he bargained for when he tried to stop three criminals stealing from his store.

When the three men walked into the Kwik Shop at 5900 Fremont Street, the clerk likely had no idea what they were planning to do. They immediately walked to the beer cooler in the back.

"As he approaches the front of the store, he's carrying two 24-packs of Budweiser beer and attempts to leave," said LPD Officer Shane Winterbauer.

But the clerk wasn't about to let it happen. Police say he chased the suspect out the door and around the building.

"The suspect wearing the red stocking cap and red sweatshirt turned around and struck the clerk 3-4 times in the face, causing injuries to his mouth," said Winterbauer.

The other two men we quick to follow.

"The other two individuals that were still inside the store also stole two hot dogs and followed the clerk outside," said Winterbauer. "One of the individuals ended up punching the clerk in the back of the head."

An employee of the Kwik Shop said the beating was so bad, the victim had to get his jaw wired shut. Lincoln Police say it could've easily been prevented.

"It's not the greatest idea to run after somebody," said Winterbauer. "The likelihood of any kind of injury is increased if you're chasing after somebody."

Police say if a criminal is determined enough to steal something without hiding it, there's no telling what they'd do to get away.

"Go ahead and let them go and call us. Let us do the investigation," said Winterbauer. "The last thing we want is for somebody to try to give chase and then end up getting hurt."

A piece of advice this clerk probably should've taken.

If you know anything about this case, call Crimestoppers at 475-3600. You could be eligible for a $1,000 cash reward.