LPD: Panty-Snatcher Caught Red-Handed

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Thanks to a neighbor, Lincoln Police caught a burglar red-handed with women's underwear.

Just before 6 p.m. Tuesday, a 56-year-old woman stopped by the victim's Southwest Lincoln home. She was watching the house while the owners were on vacation.

Police say she saw lights on and a suspicious car in the driveway. When she looked through a window, police say she saw 35-year-old Isaiah Martinez.

"Officers searched and found Isaiah Martinez inside. A window had been broke to obtain entry. When officers searched him, they found two pairs of women's undergarments in the lining of his coat. That was the only items that we found taken from the home," LPD Officer Katie Flood said.

Police don't know how long Martinez was in the home or if he was planning on taking anything else. They say the undergarments were taken from a laundry hamper.

Police say Martinez initially claimed to know the home owners, but the victims told police they do not know him.

Martinez was booked in Lancaster County Jail for burglary.