Exotic Dancer Shares Her Side of Heidelberg's Incident

A bar fight that led police to a local bar caused them to uncover some racy activity.

Lincoln police were called to Heidelberg's Sports Bar near 33rd and Superior just after midnight Monday. While they were there, witnesses shared pictures that could be considered risque.

"We were there just having a good time just like everybody that goes to the bar to do," said one of the women who was in the photos.

The woman is an exotic dancer at Shakers in Waverly. She spoke with 1011 about what happened inside the bar.

"I think it was blown out of proportion--the amount of nudity that was portrayed. I know in one of the photos there was a huge block over a lower section of the female body. I know, for a fact, that person had shorts on under her dress."

The content of the photos restricts 1011 from showing the original prints, but the woman said, aside from one wardrobe slip, there was no nudity.

She also said, she believes the issue has escalated due to her background.

"The fact that we're dancers-- I just think that everybody is bored in Lincoln trying to look for a story that might be there or might not be there."

However, the Lincoln Police Department and the Liquor Control Commission are both still investigating the incident. The outcome could affect Heidelberg's.

"Nobody was ticketed for indecent exposure. Nobody was arrested. The concern was the fight because there were two people that were injured."

Police said two groups of women were fighting in the bathroom, and one woman was arrested for assault.

The woman that spoke with 1011 said she did not know the woman who was arrested, and the fight had nothing to do with the risque dancing.