Van Collides into Lincoln Apartment Building Causing Major Damage

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Lincoln Police said an apartment building is significantly damaged after a van smashed into it at 3633 Baldwin.

Police on scene said the accident happened after a van and a car collided Wednesday around 9:15 a.m. The van continued another 100 feet, slamming into the building.

"The building sustained significant damage," said Mark Meyerson, Lincoln Police Officer. "We had a building inspector come out and look at it and he told us it's not in any danger of collapsing."

There were only minor injuries and nobody was transported to the hospital.

1011 News spoke with a woman who lives in the apartment complex; she said she was shook up after seeing the damage.

The woman said she was not in her apartment when the accident happened.

There are no stop signs at the intersection of 37th & Baldwin.