LPD Looking For Seven Stolen Vehicles

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Lincoln Police are investigating seven auto thefts in as many days. The thefts affected nearly every part of the city.

"We had a couple on the southeast side of town, one in center team, a couple in northeast and at least one on the northwest side of town," said LPD Officer Shane Winterbauer.

Four cars, two SUV's and a motorcycle. All stolen from their parking spots from April 24th to the 30th. The first, during the overnight hours of April 24th.

"A young man comes out and finds that his motorcycle that was parked in the parking lot at 1832 Knox Street was missing," said Winterbauer.

A few days later, another theft just walking distance from the first. "This happened at an apartment complex. The vehicle was parked in the parking lot. The owner came out the next morning and found that his vehicle was missing as well."

The next day, on the other side of town at 70th and A Streets, another car theft.

"She had her keys inside her apartment, left her apartment unlocked," said Winterbauer. "When she woke up the next morning and found that her vehicle was missing, she realized that the keys were missing either from the kitchen counter or from her purse."

During that same time, Police say another car was stolen from an adjacent address.

"The victim in this case indicated that she had the original key to the vehicle however told officers that she was missing a spare key for the past month," said Winterbauer.

Police believe many of these cases could've been prevented because most had one thing in common: spare keys left in the vehicle.

Police don't believe the criminals had to use much effort to get inside.

"They did not see any glass breakage on the ground so either they're jimmying the lock or the victims in these cases may have actually left their vehicles unlocked," said Winterbauer.

If you know anything about these cases, call Crimestoppers at 475-3600.

Vehicle descriptions and locations:

1991 Silver Yamaha FZR 600R (license plate: RLC 234) -- stolen from 1832 Knox Street on Monday, April 23rd.

1996 Maroon GMC Yukon (license plate: STS 459) -- stolen from 3840 North 52nd Street on Thursday, April 26th.

2000 Maroon Pontiac Grand Prix 4dr -- stolen from 1809 Knox Street on Sunday, April 29th.

2005 Red Mercury Mariner (license plate: 45 C302) -- stolen from 1000 block of M Street on Saturday, April 28th.

2001 Grey Hkyund 4dr (license plate: SSU 959) -- stolen from 1630 North 9th Street on Sunday, April 29th.

2008 Blue Pontiac G6 (license plate: SHE 266) -- stolen from 7201 Buckingham Drive on Monday, April 30th.

2001 Blue Chevy Blazer (license plate: 8A3149) -- stolen from 7221 Candletree Lane on Sunday, April 29th.