LPD: Thieves Stealing From Mailboxes, Making Fraudulent Checks

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You likely never think twice about putting bill payments in your mailbox. At least two Lincoln families are now reconsidering the way they pay their bills.

Lincoln Police Officer Erin Spilker says, "They put mail out into the mailbox for the postal carrier to pick up and it was somehow stolen before the postal carrier got the mail."

Police believe the criminals used the routing number, bank account and check number to commit a crime. "They're making their own checks with that information, then they're taking those checks that they're making and going out and making purchases all throughout Nebraska and even Oklahoma," said Spilker.

Police say one of those checks was used at a North Lincoln Walmart. Surveillance video shows three people involved. It's a crime that isn't common for Lincoln Police.

"Getting information off of a check and having a check made probably is pretty common but actually having it stolen from your mailbox from a check that you've written out is something I've never heard of," said Spilker.

Lincoln Police say it's not hard to become a victim of this type of crime but if you're looking to prevent yourself from becoming the next victim, use your mailbox on a limited basis.

"The best plan would be, take your mail with you and leave it at a post office box while you're on your way to work or whatever the case might be," said Spilker.

So far, Lincoln Police have tallied up $2,150 in fraudulent checks. But that doesn't include the checks used in York, Kearney, Grand Island, Sidney, Lexington and Oklahoma.

If you have any information, call Crimestoppers at 475-3600.