Parents Still Questioning the Origin of Inaccurate Bullying Flyer

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- Lincoln Public Schools say they didn't have a speaker this week who handed inaccurate bullying pamphlet to students, and it's not one of their district approved handouts.

"We use a lot of different resources, we pull materials form a lot of different places that are research based and published," said Counselors Coordinator for LPS, Brenda Leggiadro. "The pamphlet that went out has some strategies that might be used in some situations. I think it's safe to say that all of those strategies are not part of our program."

After a day of clarifying , there's no question that LPS wants students to tell an adult when they are being bullied.

"Students have been in classrooms working on ways to deal with situations that might be difficult, learning strategies to manage
conflict," said Leggiadro. "And then talking about what they should do when they have a situation that's difficult."

The exact source of the handout is unclear, but 10/11 News found it on a web site called "The Golden Rule System, Bullies 2 Buddies."

The creator, Israel Kalman, says the pamphlet is identical to his teachings, but says to his knowledge he's never visited any schools in Lincoln.

LPS says they haven't used his techniques in the past and plan on keeping it that way.

"When bullying occurs, kids should absolutely talk to adults who care about them at school and at home," said Leggiadro.

Because Kalman's name is not on this pamphlet there is a possibility that the counselor who handed it out got the information from a seminar or online.

Lincoln Public Schools issued a statement apologizing to parents of 5th graders at Zeman Elementary the flyer.

Some of the "rules" on the pamphlet for how to deal with bullies included "Do not tell on bullies" and "Don't be a sore loser."

LPS posted the following statement on its Facebook page: "A flyer that contained inaccurate information regarding how to handle bullying situations was sent home with Zeman Elementary School fifth-graders. Here are parts of the letter from the Zeman principal sent to families this afternoon to apologize and offer accurate information about how to handle situations."

"Our educators at Zeman Elementary School work hard to provide accurate and appropriate lessons and education for our students in how to handle bullying situations. The flyer was sent home with good intentions, unfortunately, it contained advice that did not accurately reflect LPS best practices regarding response to bullying incidents."

"We encourage all students and parents to continue to communicate with our staff if you have any questions or concerns about bullying situations."

"We apologize for any problems or confusion this has caused for students and families." We have added a link to our webpage where you will find “The Facts About Bullying,” which contains our best advice for parents."

10/11 has a link to that webpage on the right side of your screen.

It's not clear what day this week the pamphlet was given to students, or who handed them out.

Some parents shared their outrage on Facebook, others say they're happy with what LPS and Zeman Elementary are doing to fix the problem.

"Everybody screws up, or every once in a while someone makes a mistake," said Zeman parent, Ben Dinger. "But how they are reacting is, in my opinion, admirable."

Director of Student Services at LPS, Russ Uhing, says staff will visit the fifth grade students to explain what happened and inform them about how to handle situations involving bullying.

"We've taken the action that we think we need to take and really use it as a learning experience," said Uhing.