LPS Board Approves Location for New Middle School

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LINCOLN, Neb. -- The Lincoln Public School Board met Monday night to discuss the approval of a location for the new middle school, set to open fall of 2017.

With a 6-1 vote the board approved a location on the southeast corner of 84th and Yankee Hill Road for a new middle school. The school will serve students who currently fall in the Lux, Pound and Scott middle school areas. The official attendance area for the new school will be made official in the fall of 2015.

Parents in the area said they look forward to having a school, and the YMCA that will be at the location as well, within walking distance.

According to the plan, the school district will purchase the land from the City of Lincoln. The middle school will be funded by the recent $153 million LPS bond issue passed in February. The city council will vote on the issue in three weeks.

The 26 acre site is a portion of the city's 200 acre plot in the area of southeast Lincoln, an area that could eventually include a city park and city library.

LPS said that the plans also include a partnership with the YMCA, which will provide a traditional fitness center and middle school within one structure. The partnership comes after the success of the Fallbrook YMCA and Schoo Middle School.