LPS Board Of Education Debates Security Cameras

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LINCOLN, Neb. - We live in a world where cameras are everywhere, from the streets to the stores. Now very soon, they'll be here in Lincoln schools.

The policy that was debated by the LPS Board of Education Tuesday is just one way the district is considering putting the cameras into action. But not everyone believes it's the best way.

"A video surveillance program could be a very good plan and protect a lot of people," said Mark Vasina, the President of Lincoln's Nebraskans for Peace Chapter.

Nobody disagreed with that at Tuesday's board meeting, but even before the board reached the camera issue on its agenda, the cautions were on the table.

"Things like how long you would retain video, exactly what the dividing line between what public and private space is where you would use these cameras," he said during public comments.

Vesina said Nebraskans for Peace in Lincoln supports the idea of having cameras. But along with board members, warns there should be limits.

"Is that for evaluation purposes? Is that for behavioral issues? How long does that video get retained? Who can access that video?," asked board member Barbara Baier.

For others, though, having the cameras, and using them right, is a way to not only help with school safety and issues like bullying, but also set an example for students.

"Maybe we talk to our students about what is and isn't an appropriate place to use video cameras because obviously some students don't have it based on what I see on YouTube on a daily basis," said Kathy Danek.

The district has already bought some of the cameras.

"There are going to be surveillance cameras in very limited use in our high schools and our transportation and we do have to give notice," Danek said.

So they will be used. Now the question remains, how.

The school board didn't decide anything today and will continue discussions on the camera policy. The policy is attached to

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