LPS' Career Academy Gains Local Business Support

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LINCOLN, Neb. What do you want to be when you grow up? It's a question we've all had to answer. Now Lincoln Public Schools is making a push to help students start answering that question younger.

The program's start is still 14 months away, but today LPS got Lincoln's business leader's together to talk about a trade of sorts.

"The skill sets that they're going to learn and come out of this academy ready to enter the workforce if they chose to do so," said Brian Chaffin of Olsson Associates.

Businesses are excited to invest in students.

"We want to be involved at the beginning, help out with the curriculum, the instruction," said Ben Kiser of Nelnet.

And to see the return.

"We're happy to help with something like this because it does benefit us, but it also serves the greater good for a lot of students and the City of Lincoln," said Chaffin.

The goal is to help students look ahead and look at Lincoln for a career.

"We currently have an 87 percent graduation rate here in Lincoln. We think this will really help engage students who maybe aren't engaged in the academic world but want to be a part of a career pathway," said the Career Academy's Director, Dan Hohensee.

"We're the ones looking for people to hire who can stay in Lincoln and start their career," said Kiser.

"Lincoln has jobs, and we want you here," said Chaffin.

LPS said parents and students will soon be hearing much more about the program through the schools. They still need to make sure student interest is there, now that they know businesses are willing to get involved.

Even though it's juniors and seniors who will participate. LPS plans to have elementary students learning about different careers. Middle schoolers will take assessments to find out what careers could fit them, so by the time the kids get to high school they have an idea of their interests.