LPS Hold Ceremony For Students Getting Diplomas After Summer School

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LINCOLN, Neb.-- The summer school bells rang one last time for this year today. And for some of those students, those were the last bells of high school.

LPS held its first-ever ceremony to celebrate students who completed their diplomas during the summer.

One-hundred ten students walked across the stage to celebrate getting their diplomas. But, for some it wasn't such an easy road.

"Just a big smile on my face. I never thought I would be here with my diploma in my hand," said Lorena Rangel.

"I feel good," said Cornell Culver. "I feel like I should be out there doing something good for the world right now."

Diplomas in hand, these students can go out right now and do something for the world. But for some it's about what they're doing for the people in their lives.

"For my daughter, actually, I just new it was best to get done and move on," said Krystn Lawrence.

"I didn't want to let my mom down and I wanted to show my little brother that one of his siblings could make it," said Taylor Baker.

They all have big plans to make it.

"I'm going to Iowa Western in the fall and I'm majoring in psychology," Baker said.

Culver is going into the Marines, while Lawrence wants to be a juvenile attorney.

"I want to do cosmetology because I like makeup and I like making people look pretty," said Rangel.

They all said couldn't have walked across the stage today with out the help of special teachers and supporters.