LPS Shares Safety Measures for Students

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It's a tragedy that raises questions in many parents minds. The shooting in at a Connecticut grade school that left dozens dead.

Lincoln Public Schools officials want parents to know what they're doing to protect students.

Schools were dismissed as usual on Friday. Parents parked outside- picking up their kids.

Lincoln Public Schools officials have practices in affect daily with secured doors and monitors keeping an eye on visitors.

LPS officials say their senses will be heightened from this point on.

"When something like that happens, we certainly want to calm fears and make sure that parents know that their kids are safe in school," said Russ Uhing from LPS Student Services.

"Student safety is always our main concern, and we have measures in place to help with the supervision and safety of all of our students."

All visitors to LPS schools check in with a security entrance monitor who determines what their purpose is for being in the building.

School officials practice 'code red' drills that prepare them to protect kids in case of emergency.