LSO: Thief Steals Sugar Contaminated Gas

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Authorities believe a crook in Waverly may have gotten more than they bargained for after a stealing a gas can full of sugar contaminated gas.

Officials with the Lancaster County Sheriff's Office say someone broke in the the 80-year-old victim's machine shed in the 9000 Block of west Davey Road.

Officials say the suspect stole two 5 gallon containers. The victim says one container had diesel in it, while the other had sugar-contaminated gasoline.

"Apparently the victim knows a mechanic in Lincoln who was servicing a vehicle that had been vandalized and that he had drained the fuel. The victim in this case said I can use that gas to do chores around my property, without putting it in a vehicle that would harm it," said Sheriff Terry Wagner.

Wagner says the burglary happened some time between July 26th and August 7th. He says there are no suspects at this time.