Laboring on Labor Day

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Lincoln, Neb. Some places just can't shut down on Labor Day, no matter what day it is, keeping you safe in the process.

Over at Bryan East Campus, Jean Cotton is making sure her hospital is running smoothly on Labor Day.

"It's been a busy weekend, said Cotton. "Usually more unusual things happen but we expect the unexpected at this point."

She's the nursing administrative manager at Bryan East Campus.

"Covers anything from physicians down to housekeeping. whatever need help with or fixed, I'm the person to go to," said Cotton.

She doesn't get to relax, working on a day many people have off, but she loves it.

"Being in the medical field and working for a hospital everybody in the building, if you are a first line employee you know you are going to be rotating holidays," said Cotton.

Cotton says she doesn't mind being on the clock on holidays, she says the burden is really on her loved ones.

"Really it's our families who have to look at alternative ideas, especially the big holidays like Christmas, Thanksgiving people celebrate on different days," said Cotton.

Even on this Labor Day, Cotton says it's pretty much business as usual. Afterall, there are no days off from people getting sick or needing help.

"We're ready for anybody who comes in and needs our services," said Cotton.