Lancaster County Board Bans E-Cigs

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If you're an e-cigarette smoker, you may need to find a new place to smoke after the Lancaster County Board of Commissioners decided to ban e-cigs in some county buildings Tuesday.

"The Heath Department was getting complaints from various county agencies and city agencies about the difficulty of enforcing the existing smoking ban because of the use of e-cigarettes," said Lancaster County Administrative Officer, Kerry Eagan.

One of those complaints came from Lancaster County Treasurer Andy Stebbing.

"Some of my employees came to me and said that they were a little bit concerned that there was no policy covering this," said Stebbing. "There was nothing set forth by the city or the county or the public building commission."

After more than a year of research, Stebbing took it upon himself in January of this year to ban their use in his three offices

"The two DMV offices and the downtown City Hall office we don't allow vapor cigarettes to be smoked in our office by the staff or the public," said Stebbing.

On March 11, the Lincoln-Lancaster County Board of Health recommended the City of Lincoln, Public Building Commission, and Lancaster County Board of Commissioners follow suit and ban their use in buildings, vehicles, and parks as well.

"We still do not have definitive information as to the long term health effects," said Lincoln-Lancaster Health Department Promotion Manager, Charlotte Burke.

But over at GNS Vapor, some of their customers disagree with the decision.

"I used this to quit smoking, I smoked for nine years and I'm an avid believer that this will really help people," said GNS Vapor Customer, Emily Reber.

With the ban already in affect for county-owned and operated facilities, e-cig smokers are wondering, what's next?

"Where else are they going to ban it? Bars and restaurants?," said Reber.