Lance's Conroy's Journal

Jim Conroy's first bakery location was in Rathbone Village in Lincoln in 1957. Ten years later, in 1967, Jim moved his bakery to it's current location near Union College on 48th Street.

When Jim opened up Conroy's Bakery in the late 50's, there were 8 family bakery's in Lincoln.

Today, there is one.

Jim discovered his love of baking early on in his life. And now, 90 years later, he just can't seem to give it up, "I just like to make good products that are good for people. I like to be a servant, I guess you call it. They call it a labor of love."

Jim is now 93 years of age, "I've enjoyed cooking and baking ever since I was a little tot." And his delightful wife of 65 years is also 93 years old.

Even after nearly 6 decades in the bakery business, Jim still enjoys coming in to work 6 days a week, "I wouldn't be here if I didn't like it."

Grace still puts in 5 days a week, "I love it. I don't have any problem coming to work.

Jim considers himself just as much an artist as he is a baker, "It's a form of art and you can express yourself with your hands and what you make."

Grace has no plans for retirement, "I don't know how long we'll stay here and do this cause people keep coming in the door wanting this and wanting that so we just keep on baking and sticking with it."