Lance's Journal: A Beatrice Holiday Tradition, Dec. 5

It's become an annual Beatrice holiday tradition. And Thursday night the tradition continues as the curtain goes up on a 12th Annual Christmas Production.

At Christ Community Church in Beatrice, it's not all about recycling old Christmas musicals.

They like to spend six months of the year preparing all new original scripts to delight and entertain more than a thousand people a year.

This year's original production is called "Flagpoles, Feuding & Fudge."

The story behind the musical is set in the early 20th Century. In the 1920's there was a lot of pull between the urban and rural societies.

Kevin and Tami Boesiger are the husband-wife team who's creative collaborations bring the show to life each year. Tami says, "This time I wrote the script and Kevin wrote the music."

Kevin added, "We spend months just writing the script and the music."

Tami explains, "One thing that's kind of cool, what happens here is the people who are involved in this production sort of get this little family bond kind of going and it's like once someone's been in one they kinda get this bug and they want to keep doing it.

Linda Gibbs has that bug. Each year, Linda can't wait to be a part of this production, "Being part of a miracle is what I look forward to. It is something that God takes a bunch of us ordinary people, most of us don't have any special training and there's a lot of very talented people that He just has been able to assemble together and he takes collectively what we can do and makes it into something bigger and better than we could ever imagine."

Ben Kidder is very proud that each and every Christ Community Church show is a one-of-a-kind, "The thing that makes it cool as that this is all original stuff. Kevin and Tami put it together from start to finish including all the music, it's like you can't find this anywhere else where it runs like the full-length musical that it is."