Lance's Journal: A Hobby For Life, Dec. 17

The Capital City Carvers Club was established in 1975. Today, the club is stronger than ever, all because of passionate people who care deeply about woodworking.

And one of those passionate people is Chuck Adams of Lincoln. He was just a teenager when he got his first taste of woodworking while he was attending Teachers College High School on the UNL campus in the 1950's.

Forty years later, Chuck was preparing for life after his retirement and he fondly remembered that sweet smell of walnut wood. He rekindled his hobby when he was 55.

Today, the man sometimes known as "Wood Chuck" is 78 years old and he's enjoying the wonders of wood now more than ever, "The woods attracted me. How you can make that wood come alive by putting a finish to it."

Chuck was a busy traveling food salesman his whole working career, "When I retired, that relieved me of obligations and I said, 'Yea, I'll be there and I've enjoyed every bit of it."

Chuck feels fortunate that he found something he loves after he retired at the age of 61, "It's given my retirement a reason to be."

Chuck's wife Belva is not a carver, but she sure has enjoyed getting the chance to decorate her house year round with some wonderful works of wood art.

Chuck has learned a lot during his 17 year retirement, but he can sum it all up in 4 words, "It's been a blessing."

if you're interested in joining the Capital City Carvers Club, Chuck says they'd be glad to have you. They meet every Wednesday night at Mickle Middle School in Lincoln from 6:30 to 8:30.