Lance's Journal: Brent Comstock is a Computer Whiz, Jan. 7

Judging by his business sense, one might think that Auburn's Brent Comstock is all work and no play. But this well-rounded Auburn High School senior excels in many different areas.

Only time will tell, but there just might be a young Steve Jobs doing business in Southeast Nebraska. Brent obviously has a long way to go before he accomplishes was the founder of Apple Computers did, but this young business man is well beyond his years in virtually every aspect of his life.

Not many people start their own business when they're in junior high school. Brent says, "The business got started when I was 12 years old and I found a love for technology, not necessarily a love that I was looking for but a love that found me."

That love of fixing computers soon blossomed and once people realized that this kid knew what he was doing they often asked him, "'Hey, can you make me a website?' and me being the person and entrepreneur that I am said, 'Of course I can,' and I got home and I thought, 'Oh no, I really don't know how to make a website,' so I learned in a week and started making websites." bCom Tech Solutions was born.

Now Brent is providing business solutions for companies all across the United States.