Lance's Journal: Brownville Concert Series, Nov. 15, 2013

The Brownville Concert Series is winding down a very successful 23rd season. The concert series began in 1990 and because of generous sponsorships and donations, the series has been able to bring in some of the biggest names in music to this tiny town in southeast Nebraska.

There is an undeniable link between Broadway and Brownville. To think that many of New York City's finest performers truly look forward to visiting a small village like Brownville is quite surprising... and impressive.

Founded along the banks of the Missouri River in 1854, Brownville bills itself as Nebraska's oldest town. With a population of 132 people, the town doubles in size when the concert hall is filled up.

And it's filled up a lot. Because of top-notch performers like Christine Andreas.She's performed in front of more than 10 million people on Broadway stages. But last weekend, she finally got to make her long awaited debut in Brownville.

Christine says that the legend of Brownville looms large in the Big Apple, "I mentioned to several people that I'm going out to Brownville and they don't tell you why it's going to be fabulous, they just say it's going to be fabulous. But it was this mystery as to why we needed to be in Nebraska and particularly in Brownville and I can't tell you exactly why it's fantastic...but it is."

Jan Wright moved here from Houston and eventually became a member of the executive committee of the Brownville Concert Series, I moved up here 16 years ago and I could not believe my eyes or my ears. I was hooked, totally hooked. It's a small, personal atmosphere. You are up close and personal with the music, with the performer, there's a lot of back and forth. You're like part of the act. You get to meet and talk to them after the performance. There is no place else in the country that I know of where you can do that."

Coming up in mid-December, the star-studded Christmas Gala will put an exclamation point on the end of the Brownville's 23rd season.

The finale weekend will include 4 shows beginning on December 13th. And that collaboration will include 4 of the greats of the American Broadway & cabaret stage.