Lance's Journal: Celebrating 40 Years of Title IX, Nov. 5

Nebraska Governor Dave Heine man will soon declare November as 'Title IX' Month in Nebraska.

The landmark legislation is best known for giving females equal rights in high school and college athletics.

The day was June 23rd, 1972. Title IX became law in America.

Rhonda Blanford was a speedy little 9-year-old growing up in Denver and the timing couldn't have been better.

Rhonda went on to became a track & field superstar at Nebraska in the early 80's, "When you are a part of something special the feelings that you get when you look at the posters and the record boards it's just all good memories."

While wearing a big red track uniform, Rhonda Blanford-Green was an 18-time Big 8 champion. She's one of the most decorated Husker athletes of all time.

When Rhonda arrived in Lincoln in the early 80's, women athletes at UL were being treated just like the men, "Whether it was training table or cleaning of uniforms and all of those kinds of things. I came in at a time where it was on the forefront of how Nebraska athletics was going to be run."

Rhonda is now the new Executive Director of the Nebraska School Activities Association, "How bout the first state association ever in the nation to put a black women in charge of it?!"

Rhonda is a true pioneer for women's rights in is her colleague Debra Velder. This Crete native is proud to say that Nebraska was ahead of it's time in equal rights for females, "We were very fortunate in Nebraska that our administrators pro-active in recognizing that these opportunities were important for all students and we were ready to go and offer opportunities for all those students"

The public is welcome to attend the Title IX Proclamation Ceremony Wednesday morning in the Warner Legislative Chamber at the State Capitol. Governor Heineman's event will get underway at 10:30 a.m.