Lance's Journal: Grand Island's "Cars" Inspired Tourist Attraction

In 2006, Disney released the movie "Cars." Since then, the animated film has brought in 5 billion dollars.

And the movie has also inspired many people along the way. Some of them get so inspired they need to start their own "Cars" collection.

Fred Schritt has been molding and shaping metal all of his life. So after he saw the animated movie Cars, it was no surprise that he felt the need to create his very own custom car.

Fred's first creation was unveiled 3 years ago and was based on 'Tomator' ...the rusty, old tow truck that was brought to life by Larry the Cable Guy.

Once he saw the movie Cars, Fred's mind couldn't stop racing, "I just thought that was cute. I love to do body work, metal work so it was just a fun thing for me."

Fred started dreaming and the next thing he knew, he constructed 6 custom cars in 3 years.

Fred's Factory is located inside the body shop he owns in Grand Island, "I can't get to work quick enough and I work every Saturday and every Sunday."

Who needs days off when you're having this much fun,? "I build all of the cars out of steel, but anytime I build an animal I build it out of wet concrete. It ain't that hard, just do one piece at a time and before you know you're done."

Very few people would have thought that the Grand Island Body Shop turned into a tourist attraction. Fred says he sees anywhere from 30 to 50 new people every day that drop by his shop on East 4th street just to take in the sights.