Lance's Journal: Henderson Firemen Retire Together, Feb. 24, 2014

People retire from jobs after long careers everyday. But what makes this story ultra special, is that it's not just one, but four people, together after four decades of saving lives together, deciding to say goodbye on the very same day.

Keith Friesen says, "I think most of the time while fighting the fires we lived on adrenaline."

Together, Keith, Frank Rollins, John Martins and Milan Mierau served the Henderson Volunteer Fire and Rescue for 172 years. And let's just say none of these guys got rich doing it, "I got a hundred percent raise, zero times a hundred still makes zero," adds Keith.

These guys got paid in gratitude.

172 years of volunteering together created a band of brothers in Henderson. "John says, "It's been a good time serving the community. I think we've done a lot of good. We've gone through some hard times good times and the only thing that kept us going sometimes is we're all a bunch of good friends, we took care of each other, we had each others back."

A few weeks ago, the town of Henderson came together to honor this fearless foursome and as one might imagine, it was a very emotional event.