Lance's Journal: Jack Dunn is Done, July 11, 2014

Jack Dunn's lengthy career at UNL has been "out of this world." Jack was the person in charge of directing the meteoric rise of Nebraska's premiere planetarium.

43 years after he first started working at UNL, Jack is retiring.

Jack started working inside UNL''s Morrill Hall in 1971, "By the way, when I came here there were still people walking on the moon you know."

Over the past 4 decades, 10/11 viewers have come to know Jack as our go to guy for all things celestial.

Jack has long preferred domed screens over flat screens, "It's much more of an experience and it gives you a lot more to look at, remember you're using peripheral vision."

Jack now has 43 years of wonderful Mueller Planetarium memories, "In my sense, the reason why I always enjoyed doing my job is because of variety. I'm never doing the same thing. It's sometimes school programs, sometimes public stuff, we did laser shows...we did all kinds of things."

UNL will be hosting a retirement reception for Jack on July 18th, and then shortly thereafter... Jack will be moving to Columbia, South Carolina to join his wife who is finishing up her Doctorate degree in astrophysics.