Lance's Journal: Knitting With Purpose, Jan. 23

Jodi Wilbur knows well the power of a smile. She also knows that as a parking attendant making the most of her down time is important.

That's why she puts her knitting skills to good use while she's waiting for the next person to exit center park garage in downtown Lincoln, "As far as interaction, it's usually very brief. Usually less than 30 seconds, so that just goes to show you that you can impact a person's life in just a matter of moments."

And Jodi has made a habit of impacting lives, "I have some down time at work I need to fill up and I'm the type of person that I like to fill it up with something productive."

Jodi has been making hats, gloves and scarves and then handing them out to homeless people on the streets of Lincoln and in locals shelters.

The road hasn't always been easy for Jodi, "I am an alcoholic and addict. I've been in recovery for many years."

Jodi has a heart for the homeless because she, herself was homeless when she moved to Lincoln 12 years ago, "There is definitely a higher power at work here. Going from suicidal to being saved."

Back in November, Jodi was running low on yarn. That's when randy Bretz drove into her life. Randy found out that Jodi's project was running out of steam...and yarn, "I was getting down to my last couple skeins of yarn, "I, in my prayers said, 'Lord, if you want me to continue this ministry something's gonna need to happen.'"

Randy posted a note about Jodi's knitting ministry on facebook. Randy says, "I was just touched by it. Then within 24 hours, I don't know, I had 40 or 50 people say, 'I'd like to give some yarn to Jodi.'"

Skeins of yarn started rolling in by the bundle. Jodi says, "Randy has been a true answer to prayer. Had it not been for that posting for the comments of his friends I may have given up on this project."

Jodi is planning on knitting for love as long as she has yarn and the large batch of yarn that Randy was responsible for is running thin. So if you'd like to donate yarn to Jodi's cause, just drop it by the Center Park Garage at 12th & N Streets in Downtown Lincoln.