Lance's Journal: Lucky Stradley Gets Paid To Make Faces, July 23

Hubbell, Nebraska is a sleepy little town of about 73 people that's located just north of the Kansas state line.

There's not a lot of entertainment options there, but that's alright with Lucky Stradley because it just gives her more time to focus on her functional pottery

Lucky was born in Columbus, Georgia in 1952, the youngest of 13 children, "I like making faces. So I sculpt faces on every single piece of pottery I make so no two are ever alike."

Everywhere you look in her studio there's another face, "That's the way I like it."

Lucky hasn't kept count of how many funny faces she's created in the past 2 and a half years but after what it most assuredly thousands and thousands, she says it never gets old, "Because each and every face is so unique and beautiful."

Lucky enjoys putting on instructional workshops to teach others how to do what she does and she also enjoys traveling all over the nation selling her unique face pottery at folk art shows.

If you'd like to learn more about Lucky's Pottery you can call her at (402) 324-4188 or email her at

She also has a facebook page...