Lance's Journal: Memorial Stadium Preparedness, Aug. 22, 2014

The wait is almost over for Husker fans. Just one week from Saturday, the Nebraska football team will play their first game of the season.

And if you're planning on attending that first game there are some things you need to prepare for.

The majority of the fans who enter Memorial Stadium on August 30th for a 2:30 kickoff will be interested in one thing...winning the game.

But behind the scenes, there's a well-oiled machine who's idea of winning is keeping the fans safe.

Matt Davidson is the Director of Athletic Events for the Huskers and he is always concerned with the effect the sun can have on Nebraska fans, "A simple hand held infrared thermometer device that we have will show that while it's approximately 80 degrees right now in Lincoln when you come over in the shaded area on the tunnel entry right here where the Huskers come out and you point this we're showing about 89, when you move less than a foot into the sun it immediately goes up a 123 degrees and that is the ground temperature."

Mark Robertson is the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for the UNL Police Department, "Last year we did a much better job of mitigating the heat related illnesses than we did the previous year. What we did is get the word out to hydrate, drink a lot of water, don't drink a lot of sugary drinks before you come to the game and don't drink a lot of alcohol because those will dehydrate you."

Matt explains, "Our goal is to create that driveway to driveway experience. That they don't really need to know what's going on behind the scenes, because we have it covered."

Matt adds that on any given game day, more than 3,000 people with working responsibilities come to work at Memorial Stadium, "There's a lot of moving parts behind the scenes that make our fans safe."