Lance's Journal: Metal Mania Meets Fashion Frenzy, Feb. 27

Casey Sheppard has an imagination that runs non-stop. And fortunately, she 's found a career that allows her to make the most of that never-ending creativity.

Like many people, Casey is a perfect blend of both her parents, and she's making the most of it. This 1997 graduate of Norris High School is an artist like her dad, and a businesswoman like her mom.

Casey says this collaboration has become the foundation of her life.
For Casey, making hand-crafted jewelry is the perfect way to make a living. She's found a way to hammer, rivet, sand and saw her way into a decorative utopia. Casey has been called a jewelry artist and a craft artist, but she prefers the title of metal smith, "I like metal smith cause it sounds cool, cause I mess with tools and I think that's cool. I just taught myself how to do it and fell in love with it. I love fashion, I love tools, I love metal, its a mixture of them all."

She spent some time in New York City working in the modeling industry after high school, but after a few years she found her way back to Nebraska to seek out her inner artist, "I don't really have a choice. It's kind of embedded in me. I tried to fight it off for years, I didn't think I was an artist and then just realized that's who I am, makes me happy."

Each piece of Casey's collection reflects her distinct individuality, "It is one of a kind, it's unique because it is hand-crafted."

Casey takes pride in the fact that each one of her hand crafted quality designs is a one of a kind made, "That's the great thing about not being machined and not being mass-produced is that you get that flaw of imperfection which is beautiful."

If you're interested in seeing more of Casey's designs, you can visit

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